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The Probation Department subscribes to the philosophy of the Balanced Approach, emphasizing Public Safety, Accountability and Skill Building/Competency Development for probationers and their parents. Justice is best served when the community, the victim, and the youth receive balanced attention and all gain tangible outcomes from their interaction with juvenile probation.

Duties and Powers of the Probation Department

  1. The department shall make any investigations that the judge directs.
  2. The department shall furnish to any person placed on probation a statement of the conditions of the probation and shall instruct the person regarding them.
  3. The department shall keep informed concerning the conduct and condition of each person under its supervision and shall report on their conduct and condition to the judge as the judge directs.
  4. Each probation officer shall use all suitable methods to aid persons on probation and to bring about improvement in their conduct and condition.
  5. The department shall keep full records of its work.
  6. The probation officer may serve the process of the court within or without the county, make arrests without warrant upon reasonable information, detain the person arrested pending the issuance of a warrant, and perform any other duties, incident to the office, that the judge directs.
  7. Probation Officer may request assistance from any and all law enforcement agencies to perform their duties.

Parental Responsibility

If a child fails to comply with the orders of this court, it is the parent's responsibility to contact the Probation Department immediately.

If the probation violation occurs within the working hours of the Probation Department, parents are to contact the Probation Officer at their assigned phone number.

If the violation occurs after normal business hours, parents are to contact the Probation Reporting Number: 887-3894 and follow the instructions given on the recording.

The Juvenile Court feels strongly that consistent parental involvement and cooperation is necessary to insure successful implementation of court orders. Therefore, failure to comply with the court orders may result in contempt charges being brought against the parents

NOTE: Statistics are in PDF format. You will need the freely available Adobe Acrobat Reader to view it.

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