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Information Services

In 2002, the Juvenile Court Information Services Department continued to be responsible for the ordering and maintaining of all personal computers, printers and servers. To date, there were 116 personal computers, 37 printers, and 6 servers in place and functional throughout the buildings. Additionally, all user accounts were created, modified, and maintained for use by the employees who work for the Juvenile Justice Center which was open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. At any given time, there were 125 active user accounts. All of this would not be possible without the assistance of the Butler County Information Services Department who has designated the services of a PC Technician to the Juvenile Justice Center.

The year 2002 also brought with it the continued demands of procuring and maintaining computer software to meet the needs of the Juvenile Justice Center. The court and correctional facilities continued to work toward installing a total case management system designed by SoftTec, Inc. The focus was placed on creating an information system that would encompass the court and correctional sides of the operation. The primary objective was to work toward the integration of the Juvenile Court with the Juvenile Detention Center and the Juvenile Rehabilitation Center. The primary purpose of this ambitious automation project was to enhance information access and increase staff efficiency in the vast amount of services they provide to youth and their families.

Technology also served the Court well in the form of the Kronos Timekeeping System. This integrated solution was designed to manage the collection and distribution of employee hours in every area of the Juvenile Justice Center. The system captured the arrival and departure, transfer from one department to another, and change in shift or pay category of all staff members. Kronos also enabled staff to access their own sick, vacation, compensatory and incentive time earned.

The Support Enforcement Tracking System (SETS) continued to be fully operational and allowed the employees of the Court, as well as the Child Support Enforcement Agency, to inquire as to accurate child support and paternity case information on a statewide basis.

With the numerous computer programs on the Juvenile Court network, the SETS network and the county VMS network, the Court continued to emphasize the importance of formally training employees as a part of their introduction to their job responsibilities. Mandatory in-house computer training was conducted for all new employees. Additionally, a formal information systems policy and procedure and data security/confidentiality code was utilized to better clarify the use of technology as a tool for employees in the workplace.

Questions or comments concerning Information Technology or this website may be e-mailed to Matt Kirkendall, Information and Administrative Services Manager, kirkendallmj@butlercountyohio.org. Matt can also be contacted at 280 N. Fair Avenue, Hamilton, OH 45011.

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