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The Butler County Juvenile Detention Center is a 54 bed holding facility for juveniles who have been charged with either an unruly or delinquency offense. Juveniles are admitted to the facility via referral from either a local law enforcement agency or juvenile court if it is determined the youth warrant’s secure placement. The facility has a rated capacity of 42 male and 12 female beds. Residents admitted to the facility are separated based on factors such as age, sex, and seriousness of offense. The mission of JDC is to provide short-term care in secure custody for juveniles accused of a crime, awaiting placement, juveniles who have been adjudicated and court action is pending, juveniles who are awaiting transfer to another facility or for those juveniles that cannot be served in an open setting.

In 2008, the population at the detention center remained consistent with the previous year’s admission totals. The facility received 1525 admissions in 2008 compared to 1530 during 2007. The average length of stay for residents averaged 15 days, while the average daily population was 69 residents. The facility admitted 305 juveniles for various felony offenses ranging from Aggravated Robbery, Aggravated Burglary, Rape, Robbery, Burglary, Felonious Assault, Gross Sexual Imposition, and Breaking and Entering to lesser felony offenses and another 297 juveniles for technical violations while under community control for a felony offense. Further, the facility admitted 252 juveniles for domestic violence and another 42 juveniles for assault.

The facility utilizes the Hamilton City School District to provide educational programming to residents being housed in the facility. Further, the facility relies on community volunteers and community agencies to provide programming for the residents. James Jordan of the Ohio State Extension Office provides Life Skills and Fatherhood programming to older male residents. The Rape Crisis Center provides groups to the facility's female population. The facility utilizes the Butler County Crisis and Consultation Center to address the needs of youth being held in the facility who are in need of crisis intervention. Religious services are provided on a voluntary basis to all residents by a variety of volunteer representatives from local community churches.




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