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#UCASE("Juvenile Rehabilitation Center Overview")#  

The Butler County Juvenile Rehabilitation Center (BCJRC) is a 30 bed secure facility housing male felony offenders from the State of Ohio. Built as the first juvenile Community Correctional Facility (CCF) in Ohio, the facility was created to house offenders in a secure setting, while providing programming designed to help youth become productive citizens. In 1996, BCJRC was recognized as "The Outstanding Community Correctional Facility-State of Ohio." The facility initially received accreditation from the American Correctional Association and has subsequently been re-accredited in 2010 and 2013. BCJRC received reaccredidation for the treatment and transition of youth adjudicated of sexual offenses by the Ohio Department of Youth Services (ODYS) on March 20, 2013.

BCJRC utilizes evidence based practices to address the needs of youth placed in the facility. Youth placed in the facility are provided a variety of programs; individual, group, and family, designed to meet their unique needs. Programming includes Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) interventions designed to motivate and teach residents how to make important life changes. Specialized programs such as sex offender, substance abuse, anger management and trauma focused cognitive behavioral treatment are also provided for youth with an identified need in any of these areas. Curriculums used in these interventions include Truthought, Aggression Replacement Training (ART), Skillstreaming, and CBT Interventions for Substance Abuse from the University of Cincinnati. While placed, parents of our residents are involved in Parent Education groups and ongoing family sessions. These services have been created to aid in the transition of youth back to their home community.

While the main focus of the facility is to change the criminal thinking and behavior of our residents, academic improvement is also targeted. Intake testing and educational history allow facility teachers to provide an individualized instruction plan (IIP) for each resident. Residents coming to the facility with an individual education plan (IEP) shall work closely with a special educator to meet their unique educational needs. Comprehensive assessment coupled with targeted instruction has resulted in significant academic improvement for many of our residents.

Recent educational changes and enhancements made by the Hamilton City School District includes:

  • Move to year-round school calendar.
  • Move to computer-lab learning system - Pace Accelerated Learning Lab (ALL) software, with integrated, compatible print materials for students needing extra teacher assistance.
  • The Pace ALL is comprised of the content areas:
    • Reading/Language Arts
    • Writing (print only)
    • Mathematics
    • Social Studies
    • Science
  • This program can be used for remediation, credit recovery, and GED preparation.
  • The Pace ALL is a structured, individualized program that is software driven rather than web-based to maintain security within the correctional environment.
  • After completing an online placement assessment, students will work within assigned content areas to meet individualized needs.
  • Highly qualified content certificated teachers will direct student learning in the content classrooms.
  • A Special Education Intervention Specialist is available to provide additional intervention and accommodations.
  • Students assessed at higher achieving levels and up to date with credits may participate in independent study of higher level courses.
  • Course assignment will first address credit deficiencies or core classes needed to graduate.
  • Incorporate Hamilton City School District's Character Education Focus into the curriculum.
  • Adoption of an Advisor/Advisee model, with students paired with teachers for progress monitoring.

In closing, the good work of this facility would not be possible without the involvement of our community partners. Organizations which deserve special thanks are the Hamilton Christian Center, Alcohol and Chemical Abuse Council, Miami University, along with the volunteers and mentors who have reached out to our residents. Finally, special recognition should be given to our staff that works tirelessly with the placed in our care. They strive to help each and every youth help themselves to a more productive path in society.

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Advisory Committee

Jason Gundrum
Superintendent of Corrections, Butler County Juvenile Corrections

Gary Bryant

Court Director, Clermont County Juvenile Court

Deanne Whalen

Clinton County Juvenile Court

Judge Chad L. Carey

Clinton County Juvenile Court

Sarah Burk

Educational Services Center

Judge Ronald R. Craft
Butler County Juvenile Court

Judge James A. Shriver
Clermont County Juvenile Court

Rachel Young

Clinton County Juvenile Court

Judge Joseph Kirby

Warren County Juvenile Court

Karla Stallworth

Department of Youth Services

Kevin Kincer

Superintendent, Warren County Juvenile Court

Robert G. Clevenger
Director of Juvenile Justice Center, Butler County

Stanley Goodman, M.D.
President of Advisory Committee

Brandy Niemiller, MSW, LISW
Program Director, Butler County Juvenile Rehabilitation Center

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