Project Bids

Should county offices be closed due to inclement weather on the date that: (a)  a bid opening is scheduled; or (b)  is the final date for submitting a bid, then the bid opening date and/or the final date for submitting bids shall be extended for seven (7) days with the deadline or opening remaining at the same time of day as originally scheduled.

Water & Sewer - RFP Printing and Mailing Services with Electronic Billing and Electronic Payment Options
Contract No: BCWSPRINT14
Due: Wednesday, April 16, 2014



Engineer's - ODOT SPECS 712.03 Bulk-Treated Sodium Chloride For Butler County, City of Fairfield, City of Oxford, Villages and Townships
Contract No: 2014-2M
Due: Tuesday, April 22, 2014
Legal Ad

JFS-RFP-Daycare Certification and Training Services
Contract No: 14-06-513

Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Butler County Prevention, Retention, and Contingency Plan-Scope of Services and Benefits-JFS
Contract No: N/A


Professional Design Services

Butler County is always open to the receipt of Statements of Qualifications of professional design firms as defined in Ohio Revised Code 153.65(C) in accordance with the policy adopted by the Butler County Board of County Commissioners.

Contract No: N/A
Bids Due: N/A

Professional Design Svcs Specs

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