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The Diversion Program provides direction to children and their families who have had little or no previous contact with Juvenile Court. The goal is to prevent further unruly or delinquent behavior by providing short-term intensive supervision.

Standardized Curfew
The standard curfew utilized by the Probation Department is 8:00 p.m. (Sunday to Thursday) and 9:30 p.m. (Friday and Saturday).

Work Program
Youths are assigned to the Work Program for community service hours, as well as, restitution hours. Hours worked on the Work Program allow youths the opportunity to “work off” the financial obligation to their victim.

Surveillance Program
Probationers with court curfews or other freedom restricting orders are checked by Juvenile Court employees to ensure compliance.

The Aftercare Probation program provides field supervision, case management and group sessions for moderate and high risk youth released from the Butler County Rehabilitation Center. Field supervision consists of intensive contacts with the probationers (i.e. home visits, school visits, phone contacts and home contacts with the probationer and his/her family). Aftercare Probation Officers also provide individualized case management; brokering services needed by the probationer in aiding his/her transition back into the community. The planning begins while the youth is still in the Rehabilitation Center through sessions that include the youth, the family, the therapist and the Aftercare Probation Officer. The average length of Aftercare probation is six months.

Home Phone Check
Probationers are called at home to ensure compliance with court curfews, compliance with home incarceration orders, and compliance with house arrest orders.

Electronic Monitoring
Select probationers are supervised in the community via electronic monitoring. These probationers remain in their house at all times and are not to have contact with any non-family members.

Probation Reporting Line
As it is imperative that parents work with the Probation Department to effect change in a child, parents are required to report their childÂ’s violations (e.g., returning late on curfew) to a 24-hour, 7-days a week, time and date-stamped answering machine. Failure to report a violation may result in charges being filed against the parent. The Probation Reporting Number is: (513) 887-3894.

Drug Testing
A Drug Technician is stationed at the Juvenile Court, allowing for immediate drug testing of both juvenile probationers and other adult participants in a case. Results of the tests are forwarded to the Court and/or respective Probation Officer.

Home Incarceration
Specified probationers who have been placed on Home Incarceration are not permitted to leave their home unless they have the permission of their Probation Officer. If they are permitted to leave their home, they must be accompanied by their parent or legal guardian. If they are permitted to attend school or work, they must adhere to a strict schedule as prescribed by the Probation Officer. Probationers are not to have contact with non-family members.

Restitution & Fines/Court Cost
The Probation Department ensures that youth comply with court orders, make certain that youth are held accountable and that victims are made whole.



Status Offender Mediation
The SOM program diverts first-time offenders from the traditional court system into family-focused mediation. SOM staff and mediators are trained and certified as neutral third-party mediators. They are knowledgeable about techniques that facilitate family-centered communication and problem solving and reduce conflict. The focus of SOM is to empower the family by giving family members skills and resources that can help them deal with the problems that the juvenile and his/her family are experiencing. In mediation, families address issues such as communication, anger management, expectations, rules, and consequences of actions.

The RESTRICT program is ordered in lieu of incarceration and as a result of the youth failing to follow the rules of probation. The program is for technical violators only and is scheduled for Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings. Youths who are ordered into the program review school assignments and life skills material.

Drug & Alcohol Assessment
Sojourner Adolescent Services provides a chemical dependency professional, stationed at the Juvenile Court, to allow for immediate assessments of youth with potential substance abuse problems. Results of the assessments are forwarded to the respective Probation Officer for case planning purposes.



Juvenile Detention Center
The Butler County Juvenile Detention Center is a 66 secure bed facility for the short-term care of juveniles who are accused of committing a crime, awaiting a court finding, or awaiting transfer to another facility and cannot be served in a non-secure setting. The Detention Center is licensed through the Ohio Department of Youth Services and serves youth from Butler County by providing shelter, food, clothing, and medical care, along with physical, emotional, religious, educational, and social support.

Juvenile Rehabilitation Center
The Butler County Juvenile Rehabilitation Center (JRC) is a 36 bed secure facility that serves youths from Clermont, Clinton, Butler and Warren counties who are adjudicated felony offenders and have received indeterminate sentences. The average length of stay in this facility is 6 months. JRC was the first community corrections facility (CCF) in the state of Ohio. It is funded through the Ohio Department of Youth Services 403 Grant.