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The primary role of the Support Services in Juvenile Court is to aid the Abuse, Neglect and Dependency (A.N.D.) Unit, the Probation Department, the Victim-Offender Mediation Program, the Status-Offender Mediation Program staff, and outside agencies in processing the paperwork on new and existing cases. The objective of the Deputy Clerk's Office is to process all filings and paperwork in an effective and timely manner to ensure that all the Juvenile Court's operations are efficient. In addition, the Deputy Clerks are responsible for the scheduling of official cases before the Judge and the Magistrates, and the monitoring of payments for court costs, fines, restitution, Responsibility Groups, Positive Parenting and Living Groups, and drug screens.

In 2002, the Docket Clerks filed a variety of cases which included 406 adult criminal; 4,178 delinquent and unruly; and 1,149 custody, abuse, neglect and dependency complaints for a combined total of 5,276 new cases. There was a nine percent (9%) increase in the custody, abuse, neglect, and dependency cases that were filed in Juvenile Court in the past year. The Traffic Clerk processed 3,099 new cases which was a slight increase from the previous year. The Child Support Deputy Clerks initiated 571 new cases and generated 600 wage assignments which include not only child support cases but also cases where juveniles are placed outside the home due to delinquency, abuse, neglect, and/or dependency cases. As part of their ongoing responsibilities, the Child Support Deputy Clerks assist the Magistrates in the courtrooms to ensure the hearings are expedited in a timely fashion by securing signatures and distributing copies of court entries to all parties and calculating child support worksheets.

The Juvenile Court continues to work with the approved vendor to create a program that will result in a total management system that will assist both the court and correctional facility staff in managing case information in a more efficient manner. We look forward to moving into a more technologically advanced work environment in order to better serve the social service agencies, the Bar Association, and all the citizens of Butler County.

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