To report a Class A disease or public health emergency after hours, please call (877) 774-4636.  Otherwise, call (513) 863-1770 - Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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According to Ohio Plumbing Code it is required that all necessary permits be obtained for any applicable plumbing, water and sewage systems prior to starting work on any of these systems. This includes any plumbing work being done on additions or basement finishes to pre-existing constructed homes and businesses. The Butler County Health Department issues all plumbing permits for Butler County unless, it falls under the jusridiction of Hamilton City or Middletown City.

It is also understood that NO dwelling shall be occupied until final tests and inspections have been completed for plumbing, water and sewage systems. It is also understood that any approval given on the basis of false or inaccurate information shall be void.

Re-inspection fees can occur if deemed necessary by the Butler County Health Department.

For a list of Plumbing and Medical Gas Permit fees see our forms/applications page.

The Ohio Revised Code Construction Industry License Board chapter 4740.01-4740.99 States that all Licensed Professionals must have their State of Ohio Contractors License if doing commercial work. If you are going to be doing any kind of commercial work, please send a copy of your Ohio State Contractors License with your registration fees so we may keep it on file.

To register in Butler County you must pay an annual fee due by January 1 of each calendar year. If your company has never been registered with the Butler County Health Department, you will remain on a probationary period for two years from the date of registration in which we will only be able to accept cash or money orders for any permits or registrations paid for plumbing work rendered.


***Effective January 1, 2015*** 

There are four different registrations that a person may hold in Butler County, titles and fees are as follows: Master Plumber and Public Water Line and/or Sewer Line Contractor $100.00, Household Sewage System Installer $75.00, Septage Hauler (which are $75.00 registration fee and $15.00 per truck not including the first truck) and Service Provider $75.00. Master Plumbers are also required to register any Journeyman in addition to their Master Plumbing registration. Journeyman registrations are $25.00 per Journeyman. If you have any questions regarding registrations please call the Butler County Health Department (513) 863-1770 Monday-Friday between 8:00a.m. - 4:00p.m.