To report a Class A disease or public health emergency after hours, please call (877) 774-4636.  Otherwise, call (513) 863-1770 - Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Ohio Department of Health Ebola Hotline 1-866-800-1404

CDC Ebola Website

Facts About Ebola

Need to Know - Ebola

Pertussis Fact Sheet


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Public Health Nursing Department
Through partnerships and collaborations, the Public Health Nursing Department provides services to the entire community to promote health and prevent disease.  We are specialists in vaccines for the prevention of communicable diseases for both children and adults.  We participate in the Vaccines for Children program that allows us to provide childhood vaccines at very low cost. We offer international travel vaccines for anyone planning an overseas trip. Arrangements can be made to provide certain vaccines on site if needed (at schools, churches, public vaccine clinics). Nurses also coordinate programs in Butler County for the State of Ohio on lead measurement in children, tuberculosis tracking, the Perinatal Hepatitis B Prevention Program, and disease outbreak investigations.
Please feel free to call us at 513-863-1770. We are happy to help you to promote good health and prevent disease.
Vaccination Clinics  (Clinics will be closed Wednesday February 25, 2015) 

Communicable Diseases 

Vaccine Education For Providers

 Infant Mortality Reduction Initiative / High Hopes Program

Other Programs