Adult Day Services
Adult Day Services at Butler County Care Facility is a program designed to meet the needs of functionally impaired seniors through an individual plan of care. It is a structured, comprehensive program that provides a variety of health, social and related support services that are in a protective setting during any part of the day, but less than 24-hour care. Adult Day Services at Butler Count Care Facility operates its programs:
Weekdays: 7:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.

Who Uses Adult Day Programs?

Adult Day Services at Butler County Care Facility will serve seniors who are physically impaired or mentally confused that may require supervision, increased social opportunities, assistance with personal care or other daily living activities. The average age of our clients is 76 years old. Two-thirds of our clients are woman. Twenty-five percent live alone; seventy-five percent generally live with a spouse, adult children or other family or friends.

Mission Statement

Adult Day Services at Butler County Care Facility will provide a safe and stimulating environment in which our clients can spend an enjoyable day.  In achieving this, we enable our clients to continue living in the community and provide our client's families with the satisfaction that their loved one is being given the best care when family members are not available to give care.

Goals of Adult Day Services at Butler County Care Facility
  To have all activities that take place, improve the quality of life for the client
  To have a comfortable, homelike environment
  To place an emphasis on client's strengths not limitations in daily activities at the center
  To provide stimulation of mind and body for optimum well being
  To promote the client's maximum level of independence by maintaining present level of functioning